Smart Home Systems

Energy harvesting wireless sensor networks from EnOcean are the key to “intelligent green buildings”

EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless technology enables flexible smart home solutions for new built and retrofit from a simple switch “all on/all off” to a gateway-connected system (TCP/IP) controlled via smart phone.

Thanks to interoperable devices, users can easily combine EnOcean-based products from different vendors according to their individual needs – for increased security and comfort, reduced energy consumption or technical assistance in old age.

Energy-efficiency & Flexibility “Enabled by EnOcean”

  • Building automation reduces energy consumption, operating costs and increases security and comfort.

  • Wireless technology is essential for a flexible, efficient building automation system and allows for minimized installation time and system cost.

  • Battery-less devices eliminate the need to monitor, replace and dispose of batteries.

EnOcean Smart Home Systems

Solutions from EnOcean Alliance

No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits.

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches using EnOcean wireless standard, powered by motion, light or heat; no cables or batteries are required for switching or acquisition of sensor information such as temperature, water sensing or presence detection.

Sensors and actuators can directly communicate with each other and/or they can be controlled through a room controller/gateway to the cloud for applications that require remote sensing and control via PC or smart phones.

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EnOcean Smart Home Systems

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