Solar Charging can extend your golf carts performance up to 97% per day.

A fully charged golf cart using a lead acid battery will consume up to 35% of its consumable power each 18 holes of golf (depending on the terrain).  This means that they will need to be charged after after 2 rounds of golf or even sooner depending on the battery condition.

When utilising a solar assist charging system on your golf cart you can reduce the 35% consumption to as little as 7 or 8%.

Led Acid batteries are slow to charge and only allow for 50% of their energy to be used before they need recharged. 

A lithium ion battery can dissipate 100% of its stored energy and charges 3- 7x faster than a led acid battery.  

By installing a solar assist charger and new lithium ion batteries in your golf cart it can can literally run all day and only will need a short top up charge at night.





Global High Technology provides complete kits including:

  1. Solar Charging Panel, weighing only 4kg,  which is the lightest panel available with its high amperage output. 

  2. High Quality Lithium Ion Batteries in all voltage sizes to fit your golf cart.

  3. Solar panel controller and cables.