Hot Water Systems

Legionella-free, hygienic hot water generation based on the continuous flow principle.

The fresh water unit supplies freshly prepared hot water on demand to the consumer (bathroom, kitchen etc.). The domestic water is therefore only heated when needed. The fresh water units thus offer a real hygienic and economic advantage, tailored to different consumer habits

Energy-efficient Hot Water Systems

  • Energy-efficient hot water generation using stratification charging technology in hot water tanks.

  • Fresh water units for hygienic, legionella-free hot water generation.

  • Solar heating.

Hot Water Systems

Fresh Water Station

Stratified Storage Tanks

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About Sailer GMBH

Centralized Hot Water Generation, Stratified Storage Tanks, Fresh Water Stations and more…

Sailer GmbH designs, plans and manufactures technologically advanced solutions including hot and cold storage tanks with patented stratified charging technology, fresh water stations for hygienic hot water generation, local and district heating stations, domestic control centers for multi-story residential buildings and solutions for the management and integration of building control technology.

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Solar Hot Water Collector

Hot Water Systems

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