Water Treatment Systems

Global High Technology supplies and implements environmentally friendly Water Treatment Systems for all purposes, for your personal use at home or for large infrastructures; increasing the energy efficiency of water supply systems in all cases.

We leverage decades of experience, with successful reference cases and strong partnerships with global players, allowing us to implement green solutions for your consumption needs.

Our solutions have been scientifically tested by research laboratories and accredited bodies, and results from these studies certify the effectiveness and claims of our treatment systems.

“Disinfect, Sanitize, Protect and De-contaminate”


SteriPlant N

This unique non-toxic, non-chemical disinfection product provides a highly effective, genuinely pH neutral, electro-chemically active, meta-stable disinfectant without the use of toxic chemicals.

Nano Water Filters

We offer ecological, sustainable, economical water filter products that can be used for humanitarian missions, commercial use, personal use, military, AGRI, and for daily domestic use.


The main purpose of treating water is to prevent the formation of limescale deposits in heat exchanges. Limescale deposits works as an insulating layer that drastically reduces the heat exchange.

Septic System Repair

The fastest, easiest, most economical, and safest way to FIX a failed septic system, and the most convenient way to maintain a normal system.

“Disinfect, Sanitize, Protect and De-contaminate”

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