Nano Water Filters

Patented nano filters guarantee safe and healthy drinking water for personal use, mobile & portable apps and for house & home use.

We offer ecological, sustainable, economical water filter products for all potable or safe drinking water requirements: humanitarian missions, commercial use, personal and private use, military, AGRI, … and for daily domestic use

“Disinfect, Sanitize, Protect and De-contaminate”

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LifeFilta Water Filter System

LifeFilta offers ecological, sustainable, economical water filter products for all potable or safe drinking water requirements. Suitable for rural areas and also for urban and household applications!

Application Fields

  • Humanitarian apps
  • Schools, hospitals…
  • Commercial use
  • Personal & at home
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Hiking, preppers  
  • Military & defense 
  • Agriculture – livestock
  • And for daily domestic use…

AquaNano Membrane Filters

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SolarSpring Membrane Solutions

Where conventional waste water treatment methods reach a dead end or the disposal of process fluids exceeds the financial scope, SolarSpring solves these problems with its membrane distillation technology and solar powered filtration systems.

Application Fields

  • Companies active in the metallurgical industry
  • Communities
  • Hotel Resorts
  • Private Households
  • Research Institutes
  • Universities and Labs

Membrane Distillation Module Production

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DrinkPure Filters

Revolutionary water purifiers that remove pathogens, proven by accredited laboratories. DrinkPure HOME also reduces any unwanted smell and taste (e.g. chlorine) as well as pesticides and micro plastics. Enjoy healthy and tasty water directly from the tap. Thanks to the additional water softener cartridges DrinkPure will also help you to reduce limescale. Improve the taste of your coffee and tea!


  • 3 × smaller than any other system available on the market
  • Replaceable filter lasts up to 130 gallons (500 L)
  • Filter fits all standard faucet sizes thanks to the included adapters (M22 & M24) and is easy to install
  • Includes simple coupling for unfiltered water, also fits on kitchen sprays

Quick Fix Adapter

Eliminates all Pathogen Germs, Bacteria and Virus”

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