Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Global High Technology Limited is the only authorized dealer in Macau S.A.R. for the world leader in security equipment CEIA S.p.A.

We supply metal detectors, security equipment and advanced technical solutions but also provide local maintenance support and consulting services.

Global High Technology Limited have supplied, installed and maintained Walk-through metal detectors for Macau’s International Airport among other clients. All products are shipped directly from the manufacturer’s facility in Arezzo, Italy.

CEIA is a manufacturing company specialized in the design, engineering and production of Metal Detectors and Electromagnetic Inspection Devices. Customers benefit from direct relationship with the manufacturer by receiving streamlined offers, best pricing and approved installation and maintenance services

The only authorized dealer in Macau S.A.R. for CEIA S.p.A.

HI-PE Multi Zone

HI-PE Multi Zone is the basic model in this series, and is characterized by being extremely easy to install and use, and by high levels of reliability and immunity to interference from external electromagnetic sources.

PMD2 Plus Series

The PMD2 Plus is a zonal Metal Detector characterized by excellent discrimination towards metal personal effects, even when set to high security levels.

SMD600 Plus

The SMD600 Plus is the first Metal Detector in the market fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 Standard, as required in very high sensitivity applications, which also allows very high throughput in high security public checkpoints.

SMD601 Plus

The new SMD601 Plus extends the detection sensitivity of the SMD601 to metal threats previously considered undetectable due to their minimal dimensions and metal composition similar to the ones specified in the new NIJ-0601.03 Standard.


The column construction, both attractive and compact, allows it to be inserted with ease into public environments such as, for example, schools and discotheques.
The Classic Metal Detector has an extremely competitive price/performance ratio.

HI-PE/CF Mobile

Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector with Transport Bag and no tools required for assembling; ideal for rental and portable use.


This metal detector is the most used in airlock-type cabin entrances: the 02PN8’s high levels of sensitivity, discrimination and immunity have been recognized by the type-approval of many institutions.

The only authorized dealer in Macau S.A.R. for CEIA S.p.A.

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